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G1 Series-LED mesh display
G1 Series-LED mesh display


  • Ultra flexible|Creatiable  With the ability to create arches, circles, waves, or you can use the led strips along, etc.

  • Ultra Transparency  Up to 95% transparency, clear "seeing through"
                                      Smart media facade, knows "invisible"

  • Simple design and installation   Fast set-up & removal, light-weight, easy to ship and maintain, it has never bean so easy and can be handled by a single person.

  • All weather|High protection  IP66, strong resistance of water, sunlight, UV, high temperature, low temperature, etc.
  • Economic and Save your cost  Cost-effective solution to build a largescreen with great effect 



Model G1-20 G1-37.5 G1-56.25
Pixel configuration 1*SMD3535 1*SMD3535 1*SMD3535
Pixel Pitch(mm) 20mm 37.5mm 56.25mm
Panel Resolution/(pixels) 8*128dots 8*128dots 8*128dots
Panel size(WxHxD)/(mm) 160*2560mm  300*4800mm 450*7200mm
Gray scale(bit) 12bit 12bit 12bit
Gray scale per color 8192 8192 8192
Refresh Rate ≥1920 ≥1920 ≥1920
Scan Type Static state Static State Static State
Frame Rate 50/60 50/60 50/60
Signal transmission distance(m) CAT5<100 m; 100m<multi-mode optical fiber<300m;300m<single mode optical fiber<10Km
Brightness(nits) 6000nits 1800 nits 1200 nits
Color Temperature(K) 5000K~9500K Adjustable 5000K~9500K Adjustable 5000K~9500K Adjustable
Horizontal/Vertical viewing angle(°) 160°/140° 160°/140° 160°/140°
AC input voltage(V) 100-240V/50-60Hz 100-240V/50-60Hz 100-240V/50-60Hz
Max AC input power consumption(W) 1000W/sqm 280W/sqm 100W/sqm
Temperature 0 ℃/+40℃(working); 40 ℃/ +60℃(storage)
IP rating(front|rear) IP43|IP66 IP43|IP66 IP43|IP66
Humidity 10%~90% (working);10%~90% (storage)
Span life 100,000 hours 100,000 hours 100,000 hours
Installation type Fix|Rental Fix|Rental Fix|Rental